EPICAM PRODUCTIONS is a Leeds-based video production service, making it possible for businesses to deliver professional grade video content to drive their services, social media presence, product sales and marketing campaigns.

Our work has been featured by Sky Sports, Matchroom Boxing, ITV Television & English Premier League football clubs.
Below's gallery contains a selection of video projects that we've fully produced for our diverse range of clients.
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Meet the Founder | Jamie McEvoy
"In 2017, I dived into self-employment in order to fulfil a personal ambition of running my own video production business.

On a daily basis, I work extremely hard to produce amazing video content for my diverse range of clients. My day-to-day duties include filming on-site with clients, working from home in the post-production suite, project management, general administrative tasks that come with running your own business and maintaining healthy client relationships.

My business prides itself on the production of video content that you’d see the big boys using in their campaigns. I go the extra mile to bring the ‘wow factor’ to my clients. Through sheer hard work, a burning passion and dedication to my craft, I have built a sustainable business that continues to prosper each and every day."
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